Thursday, July 10, 2014

From H-SAWH:

We are putting together a panel for the 2015 SAWH Conference being held in Charleston, South Carolina next June.
Keeping with the conference themes, our panel focuses on different modes of publicly presenting or commemorating the American struggle for women's right to vote. One paper will examine the circumstances in which woman suffragists wrote autobiographies, biographies, and histories of the movement as a tactic to gain new support before the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. The second paper will explore efforts to memorialize the suffrage victory on college campuses after 1920, wherein groups of women's rights activists took steps to preserve the legacy of the campaign including funding academic chairs, donating literature, hosting scholarly panels, and creating citizenship training programs to rally more young people to participate in government. 
We are looking for a chair, commentator, and third panelist whose research fits with these themes. Since our papers center on activism in the North, we are especially looking for scholars whose work examines suffrage memory or the commemoration of the women's movement in the South. 
Kelly Marino 
PhD Candidate, Dept. of History, Binghamton University
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