Friday, November 08, 2013

DACS second edition available online

The Technical Subcommittee for Describing Archives: A Content Standard is pleased to announce the availability of a web version of the second edition of Describing Archives: A Content Standard.

The web version can be accessed directly from or from the webpage for the second edition of Describing Archives: A Content Standard at (also includes a pdf version).

Monday, November 04, 2013

Vanderbilt News, July 1, 2013: “Tennessee statesman James Sasser donates papers to Vanderbilt”

You may have overlooked this headline if searching for women’s collections news, but the Sasser collection includes the papers of his wife, Mary. From the article:

Mary Sasser taught in public schools in Memphis and Nashville after graduating from Vanderbilt. In Nashville, she was active in organizations that included the Nashville Women’s Political Caucus, League of Women Voters and Historic Nashville. During her husband’s years in the Senate, she co-founded a celebrity speakers bureau with a list of prominent authors, journalists, athletes and business leaders. While in Beijing, she hosted many groups to promote the advancement of women in business around the world. One of the goals was to identify universal and culture-bound factors that have led to the success or failure of women entrepreneurs. She also hosted several exhibitions of Chinese and American art at the ambassador’s residence to showcase the richness and variety of the art of both cultures.