Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Minutes from SAA 2010

Below are the minutes from our Roundtable Meeting at SAA in Washington, DC.

Women’s Collections Roundtable Annual Meeting

August 11, 2010, Washington, DC

Meeting Minutes

Co-chairs: Danelle Moon and Kelly Wooten

Wonderful presentations by:

  • Allida Black, Research Professor of History and International Affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs, will speak about her work as the project director of The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers
  • Stephen Rhind-Tutt, president, Alexander Street Press, will highlight the press's women's history databases

WCRT website/Blog:

Our updated website is moving over to the drupal format

Discussion of blog found at:


We encourage anyone with updates, announcements, new digital collections, anything related to women's collections to send us their information to share on the blog.

WCRT Membership:

Discussion of increased participation was on the agenda. Due to the number of members (377) and high participation at this mtg it was decided we didn't need to discuss this at this time.

Reminder that members need to opt in to the roundtable listserve

News from the Archives for Women and Social Movements database/journal

Please send any updates/announcements to Tanya Belcher-Zanish at tzanish [at] iastate [dot] edu

Women’s archives reader

draft articles coming in now, moving forward

Panels/speaker ideas for Chicago 2011 mtg:

MPLP primarily with regard to women’s collections

· Membership lists in women’s organizations

Outreach using social media to nontraditional women’s groups/activists as researchers

· Actively communicating with other groups

Uncovering hidden collection

Combining outreach with budget constraints

Continuing to serve women’s collections and user populations

Blasting stereotypes of women through women’s collections

· how you go about doing this and promoting the materials

· Promoting women’s influence on pop culture

· Girls band from 80s

· Zines as archival collections

Catholic women, nuns, getting materials out to the public

Designing programming.

  • Designed for younger groups

Jane Addams, Chicago Hull House as potential ideas for Roundtable program

  • Outreach, organization for children
  • Social services, health issues
  • Pursue this for either a topic or our roundtable mtg
  • Or arts/crafts period from mid-western schools


Next year we will move to online elections as other sections/roundtables did this year.

Meghan Lyon and Cassie Schmitt, co-vice chairs are the next years co-chairs.

Elections for vice chair, nominations from the floor, voting, both approved

Welcome Kathy Hertel-Baker and Virginia Corvid as the new co-vice chairs!

Program Committee report:

Everything fits the theme!

See announcement: here

Council Report:

Donna McCrea reports on council's mtg included proposed dues increase and financial status of SAA.

Diversity Committee:

Kelly Wooten is the representative for "women" including the memberships of both the Women's Collections Roundtable and the Women's Archivists Roundtable. Kelly reports as posted on blog: SAA's Diversity Committee Report


Jonathan Ponder, JSTOR

Alison Gaim, NARA

Erin Townsend, NARA

Virginia Corvid, WHS/UW-Madison

Susan Woodland, Hadassah Archives

Lora Davis, University of Delaware

Rebecca Johsnon Melvin, University of Delaware

Taronda Spencer, Spelman College

Andrea Sheehan, QVC, Inc.

Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Iowa State University

Kathy Hertel-Baker, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Colleen Mahoney, Simmons

Lori Satter, Simmons

Janice E. Ruth, Library of Congress Manuscript Division

Lisa Mangiatico, Soroptimist International of the Americas

Brenda Correia,

Lucinda Manminz

Mary Samouelian, Duke University

Kim Sims, Duke University

Sherrie Bowser, Virginia Tech

Jessica Sedgwick, Harvard Medical School

Cat Holbrook, Schlesinger Library

Johanna Carll, Schlesinger Library

Elizabeth Norarra, University of Maryland

Doris Malkmus, Penn State

Fernanda Peucne, Rutgers

Meghan Lyon, Duke University

Cassie Schmitt, University of Oregon

Kelly Wooten, Duke University


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