Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DC, Here we come!

We haven't quite packed our bags yet, but we are already getting ready for the 2010 SAA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. We're excited about our program for the Women's Collections Roundtable, as well as the panel we are sponsoring: Beyond the Ivory Tower: Archival Collaboration, Community Partnerships, and Access Issues in Building Women's Collections. We hope you will attend our roundtable meeting and bring your ideas about programming related to women's collections for the 2011 conference and energy to get involved with WCRT through our leadership or by contributing to our blog.

*Please note updated order of events- presentations from speakers will be first, followed by the business meeting.

Women's Collections Roundtable Meeting Agenda
3:15-5:15pm, August 11, 2010
Washington, DC
Meeting Room: Virginia AB

3:15: Welcome and introductions
Co-Chairs: Danelle Moon and Kelly Wooten; Vice-Chairs: Cassie Schmitt and Meghan Lyon

3:30: Presentations
  • Allida Black, Research Professor of History and International Affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs, will speak about her work as the project director of The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers
  • Stephen Rhind-Tutt, president, Alexander Street Press, will highlight the press's women's history databases

4:30: Business Meeting

  • Report on WCRT Blog- call for submissions
  • Discuss building WCRT membership- recruitment strategies
  • Chicago 2011- Ideas for panels for WCRT endorsement or speakers for our meeting (Proposals due October 1!)- Hidden women’s collections (Newberry Library)?
  • Election of new leadership and discussion of online elections for 2011 (Want to nominate someone, including yourself? Email wcrt.saa at gmail dot com!)
  • Report from SAA 2011 Program Committee Representative
  • Report from SAA Council Liaison
Light refreshments will be served, generously sponsored by Alexander Street Press.


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